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Are you getting enough sleep?

29 Sep 2014

Here is the second article by Dr Isabelle Benard, a GP who practises at The Medical Chambers Kensington.

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Is your child overweight? Identify the problem early and do something about it

22 Sep 2014

We're really lucky to have a very good quality local newspaper, Kensington Chelsea and Westminster Today, which I always find an exceptionally good read. I am often surprised at how much is going on.

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Take headaches more seriously, NHS is urged...

28 Jun 2014

Dr Mark Weatherall, Consultant Neurologist, is one of the busiest Doctors at The Medical Chambers Kensington. I've just read a story in The Times newspaper which goes a long way to helping me understand why. Here it is.

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Migraine Headaches and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation... Sounds scary but isn't. Dr Mark Weatherall Consultant Neurologist practising at TMCK in The Mail Online

15 Apr 2014

I have just met Dr Mark Weatherall, Consultant Neurologist who specialises in the treatment of migraines and headaches, and he was keen to tell me about a relatively new piece of equipment which will help many patients.

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CQC Compliance Inspection Scores Us 100%...For The Third Year Running

07 Feb 2014

I was out of the country last December, sorting out some very sad family matters. No less than two bereavements in my close family within a few weeks of each other. And both round the other side of the world.

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D-Day: The Tide Is Turning For Dementia

14 Jan 2014

It is finally time to talk about dementia! It is now everywhere in the news, in the public eye, in politicians' speeches and soon in dinner party conversations: the D-word might no longer be the dirty word, or the dreaded, damned word. Dementia is finally having a moment.

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The Enormous Power Of A Pat On The Back And Behaving Like A Korean Traffic Light

04 Dec 2013

I am pleased to tell you that The Medical Chambers Kensington frequently receives compliments such as professional, welcoming, safe, calm, impressive, very clean and so on.  Mainly about our environment and very welcome, but we recently received two compliments about our people which had a very p

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What I Am Going To Do About My Other Half's Snoring...And My Sleep Deprivation

29 Oct 2013

It's often the most mundane things in life which challenge us the most. Other Half's snoring is one of them. My own OH does. Has done for years. Has become a professional snorer, with a range, depth, and variety of sounds that never ceases to amaze me. I have recordings to prove it.

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How OH Had A Total Hip Replacement....And Recovered In Four Weeks

05 Sep 2013

Other half (OH) finally decided to do what he should have done years ago. He had been suffering for years and, a typical man, had invented a whole library of reasons for not having his hip replaced. The office. Holidays. The office. Children's graduations...you understand.

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